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CHICAGO’s READER review of the High Priestess, a piece performed at the PEACEBOOK Festival, Chicago, 2017


IN LIGHT OF, a play on Healing, Death and Dying (Vassar College, 2015)



Being able to participate to Sangeeta’s classes was a real privilege. Thanks to these wonderful hours in which Sangeeta merges elegantly theory and practice, you can explore your body, your voice and your soul by abandoning yourself into the flow of vibration. The explosion of sound through our best instrument, our body, seems at first strange. we are today convinced that chanting is only for singers: this class shows instead that everyone has a unique sound and that truly any sound possesses its own beauty.

– Chiara Iacomelli, Faculty

The classes were excellent for relieving stress and tension, for concentration, for limbering up all the participants’ bodies. Sangeeta’s classes were well-organized and progressive, yet always accessible to both beginner and advanced students alike. One class, in particular, focused on breathing and had many ideas that were fresh and revelatory to me – ideas which I intend to introduce in my teaching of breathing in singing.

– Robert Osborne, Faculty

I registered for Sangeeta’s class. Almost two hours of physical exercise together with chanting and relaxation. But not only. The class was also a university course on yoga during which Sangeeta, with a soothing voice – her choice of wording is always new and surprising – would tell us about the link between our bodies and minds, or souls if you wish (both minds and souls, since her yoga is all about what you feel, not about imposing a point of view). I was looking forward to it every single time, the most enjoyable class I have ever had, two hours of pure heaven. Namaste Sangeeta!

– Roberta Antognini, Faculty

The class has been wonderful, a precious and deep experience for me. I appreciate the gentelness of the class and its inwardness. The use of sound has been special. Being with Sangeeta as she teaches is an inspiration.

– Beth Darlington, Faculty  (retired)

This class is very different from other classes I have taken. it is, basically, amazing! I have found the twists, the stretches, the running and particularly the resting with the tuning forks to be wonderfully restorative and energizing.

– Lucy Lewis Johnson, Faculty  (retired)

Having taken yoga off and on for more than twenty year from several instructors of varying ages, experience and yoga training, I can say with certainty that SAngeeta’s class has taught me what I consider the purest form of yoga. By pure, I mean she is the closest to what I believe the original yogis intended the practice to teach: discipline, focus,and communion of body, mind and spirit. Sangeeta brilliantly articulated relevant terminology and historical background in a way that tantalized but did not overwhelm. she is a strong and gifted teacher.

-Janice Fischlein, Staff (retired)

Yoga with Sangeeta has been a wonderful experience. She is so very real and genuine, loving and kind, nurturing and totally devoted to her practice and to sharing her experience with others. The practice has enhanced my life. I have become so much more aware of my body… and my “self.” I am better prepared to deal with stress and annoying little habits. I choose to have positive thoughts.

– Carol Jarvis, Staff  (retired)

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