Spider Healing

A method for the awakening of awareness of one’s own true self, Spider Healing is a step-by-step path based on the teachings of ancient traditions and personal intuition. The goal of Spider Healing is to develop enough strength to support one’s own power. The vehicle for Spider Healing is one’s own voice, articulated in thinking, chanting, singing, writing, and storytelling.

Spider Healing consists of a blend of academic theory and experiential practices that revolve around feminine spider myths, archetypes and stereotypes. It is also a hands-on method to explore Spider’s teachings on the four stages of awareness, surrender, creativity and resilience.

 Since 2012, I have been teaching this method at Vassar College, thanks to a grant by the Carolyn Fae Grant Endowment, a fund to bring contemplative practices to academia. The results of this research have been proving that lack of awareness of one’s choices of expression can cause physical, emotional and psychic ailments such as depression, inability to focus and achieve one’s heart’s goals, a sense of loss, and a lack of finding one’s purpose in life. Awareness of one’s voice, both practically and metaphorically, is empowering and leads to a happy and healthy life.

Spider Healing Workshop Fall15.jpg

Spider Healing Workshop, New York Open Center, New York, October 2015 (Photo: Drew Stevens)


Spider Healing Workshop, Vassar College,  March 2015 (Photo: David Mentuccia)