January / February 2019

My new short play, Open Questions, will premiere in January as part of the 2019 Collaboraction’s Encounter Series. Click here to see the full calendar of productions and to purchase your tickets.


Thrilled to announce that my piece, Self-Love, has been selected to be part of the 22nd Anniversary Fillet of Solo Festival in Chicago. Dates: January 19th and February 2nd. Get the full program and tickets here!

December 2018

Dr.B teaches yoga in Berlin!

November 2018

This month, I led a participatory workshop for the Service Scholars at DePaul University, organized by the Irwin W. Steans Center. Service Scholars are students who travel to the local communities to learn and serve in the spirit of shared resources and knowledge. Here is the feedback of one of the students, published in a local newsletter.

August 2018

Excited to share this blog interview by my dear friend Mariko Sato-marcelle @ Chidoriyaworld ❤ Who run the world? Gentlewomen 

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