Explaining Energy

It is not easy to explain energy. Energy travels through multiple dimensions and in subtle channels. Yet one can witness energy. It’s palpable. Energy is both objective and subjective and, because of this, everyone will have a different experience of its movements. Energy is what keeps us alive. While it is complex to explain energy, one can learn to cultivate its flows with fairly simple exercises and observations. Moods … Continue reading Explaining Energy

Yoga (why thinking of “yoga” as a noun is limiting)

In the English language, the Sanskrit term “yoga” has been limited to function as a noun, like… Pilates, or Zumba, so one can say: “I am doing yoga,” or “I am going to yoga class.” When I studied yoga in India, in the paramparai (lineage) of Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj, I learned that “yoga is a way of life.” Indeed. It is not only a form … Continue reading Yoga (why thinking of “yoga” as a noun is limiting)

Cambia todo cambia (o forse no)

L’amore non è sempre rose e fiori, musica meditativa o passionale di sottofondo. L’amore ci presenta momenti di dolore, tristezza, lutto, fatica, perdita di orientamento. L’amore è cambiamento perché si manifesta attraverso ciò che percepiamo e tutto, in natura e su questo piano d’esistenza, cambia e si trasforma. Crescendo in un contesto culturale cattolico, ho imparato ad associare l’idea di Amore (Dio/Cristo) con l’idea di eternità … Continue reading Cambia todo cambia (o forse no)

Communication Hug (reprise) What if you don’t want to hug someone and they want to hug you?

To follow-up on my previous post, here another question: What if we don’t want to communicate? What if we don’t want to hug those who want to hug us? Don’t. However, how are we to build a world of balance if we ignore what disturbs, offends, hurt, violate us? I don’t think we can. As compassionate leaders, we have a duty (to ourselves) to stay … Continue reading Communication Hug (reprise) What if you don’t want to hug someone and they want to hug you?

The Communication Hug

(Picture downloaded from: http://weheartit.com/) We all know how important it is to express ourselves. It is a basic need for our lives to thrive. Communication requires that we find a way to manifest our creative expressions in order to share them. Do you recognize a similarity between the sounds in the words “communication” and “commune,” “communion,” and “common”? What do they sound like? A strong C sound … Continue reading The Communication Hug