Think                        smile Breathe                      smile Ease the heart           smile Relax the belly           smile Be                                smile   Within this radiance your needs are met Open up to this shower of golden honey.   I lived in the sphere of sadness for years. Worrying about what wasn’t here.   A moment, a movement, a spark of awareness. Smile from the inside. We are here. Continue reading Smile

New Moon in Gemini

Mercurio ~ La Danza del Sole (Foto: Mariani) I have been dwelling in the space between thinking/doing and feeling/being. How do I harmonize them? Is one more prevalent than the other? How do they cross and intertwine? Or are they separate? The New Moon in Gemini this Thursday is about rebirth after death. The Full Moon in Scorpio took me down into the pits, to see … Continue reading New Moon in Gemini

The Slants

Tonight, watching an episode of Vice News, I learned about the expression “slants.” In a section of the program, they were talking about an Asian-American band, The Slants, who has been fighting with the Supreme Court to have a right to their band’s name. The court says that it cannot legitimize a racist pejorative term. However, the band says, this term is used and who better … Continue reading The Slants