Think                        smile Breathe                      smile Ease the heart           smile Relax the belly           smile Be                                smile   Within this radiance your needs are met Open up to this shower of golden honey.   I lived in the sphere of sadness for years. Worrying about what wasn’t here.   A moment, a movement, a spark of awareness. Smile from the inside. We are here. Continue reading Smile

The Slants

Tonight, watching an episode of Vice News, I learned about the expression “slants.” In a section of the program, they were talking about an Asian-American band, The Slants, who has been fighting with the Supreme Court to have a right to their band’s name. The court says that it cannot legitimize a racist pejorative term. However, the band says, this term is used and who better … Continue reading The Slants

Explaining Energy

It is not easy to explain energy. Energy travels through multiple dimensions and in subtle channels. Yet one can witness energy. It’s palpable. Energy is both objective and subjective and, because of this, everyone will have a different experience of its movements. Energy is what keeps us alive. While it is complex to explain energy, one can learn to cultivate its flows with fairly simple exercises and observations. Moods … Continue reading Explaining Energy

Yoga (why thinking of “yoga” as a noun is limiting)

In the English language, the Sanskrit term “yoga” has been limited to function as a noun, like… Pilates, or Zumba, so one can say: “I am doing yoga,” or “I am going to yoga class.” When I studied yoga in India, in the paramparai (lineage) of Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj, I learned that “yoga is a way of life.” Indeed. It is not only a form … Continue reading Yoga (why thinking of “yoga” as a noun is limiting)