My Work

Here are some key truths that I investigate in life and work: 1. Change is inevitable. 2. Awareness of one’s self is absolutely necessary to navigate change and take responsibility for one’s life. 3. Educators and artists have a responsibility to share what they know with as many people as possible to foster evolution and harmony.

My work weaves together my research and teaching interests in contemplative studies, yoga, theatre studies, applied theatre, free-writing, performance studies, and sustainability. It is a way to use various art forms to address social problems. Writing, listening, deep breathing, journaling, water-colors, meditative walks, in-class improvisation, storytelling, music: these are many of the forms we use in storytelling to support workshops’ and classes’ participants to:

  • learn something more about themselves, their passions, talents, and blockages
  • foster team-work
  • learn how to act vs. react
  • create positive affirmations
  • understand the concept of “response-ability”
  • learn the skills of non-violent communication
  • become more confident in expressing the wholeness of one’s self through various art forms
  • explore a multiplicity of learning pedagogies: experiential learning, intuitive learning, writing composition, movement and vocal improvisation, among others.