New Moon in Gemini

MercuryMercurio ~ La Danza del Sole (Foto: Mariani)

I have been dwelling in the space between thinking/doing and feeling/being. How do I harmonize them? Is one more prevalent than the other? How do they cross and intertwine? Or are they separate?

The New Moon in Gemini this Thursday is about rebirth after death. The Full Moon in Scorpio took me down into the pits, to see what was no longer working in my life, no longer serving my goal to serve. It was an uneven path that I walked, full of small and large obstacles, mostly inner, that I had to overcome. Facing fear of failure = facing fear of death. I am finally embracing Death as my Guide to bring spiritual teaching on to this planet. I am aware that this may sound morbid to some. No worries! Embracing death means to live fully!

I have had a strong connection to death and dying since I was a kid but never truly embraced it. Now it’s time. I am committing to using my talents to go deep within the mysteries of what it means to die from the position of the living. Also, I am committing to bringing healing sounds to the dying so do contact me if you would like to know more about it.

A very good friend, this morning, told me about “flow.” I have heard this before…. “let yourself flow…” or “go with the flow.” While I could understand the concept, I was not really able to do it. This morning I got it! I can’t flow unless I am strongly rooted inside, spiritually. With my personality, going with the flow without an inner anchor means total scattering of energy and lack of focus. However, when the Spiritual Source is strong within, everything else can flow.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, the leader for the month to come, has wings at his feet. He can flow and fly! However, he is also holding a caduceus, the symbolic representation of harmony and enlightenment, a strong staff representing our main energy channel, the column in the physical body, and the flow of energies that dance around it.


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