Life’s blows can knock you off your feet. No doubt. You may be isolated in your family, community, and society, and can’t find a way to get out. It’s hell. When we feel vulnerable, it’s important to remember that we are not alone.

A few years ago, I lived with a Costa Rican tarantula in Kingston, NY. The tarantula was in a terrarium. It’s a long story, and the reason why I mention it here is that I witnessed the tarantula’s molt. I studied it, too. When tarantulas molt they prepare in advance. The process of cracking the exoskeleton through the growth of a new and larger body takes some time. The tarantula prepared a safe and secluded area by spinning a net of protection with silk. When the time came to let the old outer sheath go, it retired and became very sensitive to sounds, smells, and any other vibration in the room.

In my experience, our process of managing pain is similar. Not the moment when we are hurt, but in later, when we are ready to heal, forgive, and let go. We retire and process. This is a lonesome place and we mistake it for “being alone.” We are not alone. I remind myself daily that I stand on the spiritual shoulders of my ancestors, and that we all are on this planet together. Wether you pray a god/dess, another form of divinity, or you are an atheist, you still come from a line of people, and carry their talents, struggles, and traumas. We are not our physical bodies alone. There is more to our expression, joy, and sharing than what we can communicate through our five senses. The mind, our sixth sense, remains mostly a mystery, and this can be our field of inquiry, too. Why do I think the way I do?

Life happens, and we can’t control the process of living because are not alone. We live in an ecosystem that is also changing, in cultures co-existing on a planet that is making revolutions at approximately 30km per second. How are we supposed to control this process?


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