The Line

Tonight I asked myself this question: where is the line between my work and my life?

What is work? Why do we do it? How? What are our chances of getting work, doing work, sharing our work? If work is our profession, where is the line between the work we do and who we are, the persons we are becoming?

I am well aware that too many people are unemployed, or if they are employed, they are underpaid, or treated disrespectfully on the basis of gender, race, economic background, and more.

If we are lucky enough to have work, and if we are blessed enough to enjoy it, how do we use it? What is our relationship to it? Are we happy? Can we change anything if we are not happy? What would we like to change? Are we able to speak up?

Eventually, we may see that life is work and work is life.



2 thoughts on “The Line

  1. Lavoro per vivere, non vivo per lavorare.
    Devo riflettere, pensare a migliorarmi, perfezionarmi per non essere malvagio senza farmi soffocare/prevaricare dal lavoro.
    Devo prendere cura della mia condotta, rifletterci sopra regolarmente senza distogliere lo sguardo dalle mie azioni, analizzarle per decidere se queste meritano di essere compiute o meno senza cadere nelle abitudini e consuete usanze. (Geremia)


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