The Communication Hug

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We all know how important it is to express ourselves. It is a basic need for our lives to thrive. Communication requires that we find a way to manifest our creative expressions in order to share them. Do you recognize a similarity between the sounds in the words “communication” and “commune,” “communion,” and “common”? What do they sound like? A strong C sound is born through the coming together of the vocal chords, it takes flight into an O, and concentrates its power in a deep, prolonged MM. Taste it with your own body. Try it now. How does it feel to pronounce it? To me, it’s like a sonic hug. It is a combination of the individual effort to express myself (C), the strength to sustain my message (O) and the desire, and pleasure, to share with others (MM). Others, of course, means the rest of creation and not simply people. Between humans, a hug is a delicate exchange, even when it’s passionate and strong. It is very clear if one person is leading the hug. So it is with communication. We need to learn how to feel and listen while we share, and not be “over-givers.”

When we feel we are not able to communicate, we can ask ourselves some of these questions:

Are we making an effort to express ourselves? Are we willing to go through the pains of birthing an idea, a project, a new path?

Are we strong enough to sustain our message? To manifest it? Do we believe our message is worth an audience? Do we believe we are worthy of being messengers?

Do we care to share? Sharing is not only spitting stuff out, producing, making, doing. It’s about a deep listening process in which as I share I am also receiving. It’s a two-way process or, even better, a dance.

P.S.= If you need to know why hugging is important, check this article on the Huffington Post, and apply those same rules to healthy, compassionate communication.


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